Wouldn’t it be nice if you could check how busy town was going to be? And if you’re in a rush, maybe you should avoid town entirely? There should be an app for that right? 

Yep, we thought so too!

Cruise ships visit the Cayman Islands on a regular basis and the thousands of passengers they bring in every day are a key part of the lifeblood of our islands. However for residents lots of ships also means lots of traffic in George Town.

Check Avoid Town before you leave and you’ll be surprised by how much time you save.

Quickly see how busy a day is going to be.

Tap to swap between the number of passengers and ships.

See more details about what ships are in town on a specific day.

In the news

Avoid Town was featured on a Cayman 27 news segment on April 29, 2015.

The fastest and easiest way to find inner peace.
Or at least your next yoga class.

Get your yoga pants ready and dust off your mat! With the new app for the Bliss Yoga Cayman studio you can easily find your next class. Whether it be an intense Power session, an energetic Flow sequence or something a little more relaxing, Bliss has you covered.

Quickly find your next class. Swipe left and right to see the rest of the week.

Tap to see more details about a class. Easily add it to your calendar so you can keep track of the classes you want to attend.

Keep up to date with upcoming events and workshops.

A world of knowledge-rich videos, built to inspire

Brainfeed is an educational iPad app made for kids 7-years and older. Behind the scenes a team sifts through the massive amounts of video available on the web and curates the very best of educational video that is both age-appropriate and curriculum based.

The result is content that engages kids and is both animation rich and of visual high-quality. The best of the web, in a kid-friendly package.

We were responsible for developing the app as well as the Ruby-based backend system. Design was done by the wonderful Anne-Sophie Leens.


 Featured Worldwide

The app has been featured by Apple in several countries including the UK (above) as well as reached:

  • #1 for Kids: Ages 9–11 in 64 countries
  • #1 for Kids in 23 countries
  • #1 for Education in 17 countries
  • #4 in the US in Kids: Ages 9-11
  • featured by Apple in the iTunes Education Spotlight
It’s like Pandora for knowledge.
— Todd T, University of Texas

We will Trønderrock you


We were brought on to the project by SixSides and Back to work on the interactive installation at the Rock City Experience Center in Namsos, Norway. The center is designed to tell the story of Norwegian rock music known as trønderrock. Visitors can write and mix songs, play in a Guitar Hero-type band, design their own CD-covers and much more.

We were responsible for developing an interactive desktop app that presents the history of Norwegian rock music via multimedia on interconnected touch-screen displays.

work-rockcity copy.png

Storytelling reinvented

Storyplanet was a a next generation media platform that lets storytellers, journalists and photographers easily create immersive content and turn almost any idea into a beautiful, visual story.

We were brought onboard in 2012 to build the platform from the ground up — designing the system architecture, developing the backend system and exposing services via APIs that are used by the story editor and player.

The backend was developed using Ruby and Sinatra, a collection of web technologies were employed on the front-end while the story editor and player were both built using Flash.

Definitely one of the most exciting things we’ve worked on — unfortunately the startup is no more.


A package scanner that doesn't give you back pain

We were hired by time:matters, a company of Lufthansa Cargo, to develop Scanner in 2012. This is an app for time:matters employees, subcontractors and customers to track and trace shipments of their spare parts, same-day and emergency services.

We also built a custom Ruby-based backend to act as middleware in between the app and their existing package tracking system.

A fresh approach to tablets

In 2010 we were contracted by BlackBerry (formerly Research In Motion) to assist some of their clients build apps for Playbook OS, a new platform for their upcoming tablet. A few months later we were invited to work alongside the super smart chaps at QNX Software Systems in Ottawa. While in Canada we worked on first-party and system apps on the run-up to the PlayBook launch in May, 2011.


Easily shop while on the go

We were brought in to assist the lovely chaps at ribot build the first version of this app for iPhone. Helping to develop a new mobile experience for Tesco was very exciting — being able to shop for mangos while on a bus and get them delivered the following day was great fun.

ribot wrote a wonderful case study about the project.

Following the Nokia launch, we designed and built the iOS app. After 9 months of work, Tesco made their money back in 1 week.

Share your location with one tap

We were hired by Josh Russell and Kate Tarling to develop Here, an iPhone app that makes location sharing super simple. Your contacts don't even have to have the app installed or even own an iPhone.

World’s first sneaker and street wear city guide for iPhone

We were brought on by Goodstuff to develop the first version of the “world’s first sneaker and street-wear city guide for iPhone”. The app was designed by Heydays and got great reviews by folks that are really into their kicks.

One of the best apps of 2012:
Think of it as a Yelp for cool kids.
— Complex Magazine

The conference guide meets the web

Following the success of the 2009 and 2010 versions we launched the official conference guide for the lovely Flash on the Beach conference in 2011 (now known as Reasons to be Creative).

This time around we used traditional web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) to deliver a solely mobile experience for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry PlayBook users that could also be used offline thanks to the magic of HTML5 AppCache.

We launched the site on fotb.me which is since defunct as the conference has passed.

Matt Barringer was responsible for the design, including the amazing seagulls.


The full can — Flash on the Beach 2010 conference guide

We built the official conference iPhone app for the lovely Flash on the Beach conference in 2010 (now known as Reasons to be Creative).

Browse through the talks and add them to your own custom schedule. Read about the speakers and find conference locations near you. Also check out what people are saying about the conference on the Twitters. We also built an Android version together with Paul Holliday (but we don't really talk about that).

Designed by the excellent This Way Design.


Never mind the bollocks, here's the Flash on the Beach 2009 conference guide

We built the official conference iPhone app for the most excellent Flash on the Beach conference in 2009 (now known as Reasons to be Creative).

Browse through the talks and add them to your own custom schedule. Read about the speakers and find conference locations near you.

Designed by the fabulous This Way Design and winner of the Bronze Award for Best Mobile Solution at Gulltaggen 2010.

Bronze Award for Best Mobile Solution, Gulltaggen 2010


Locating Oslo city bikes since 2009

We developed this iPhone app way back in 2009 to let you find city bikes close to you in Oslo. It allowed you to find city bike stations located around the city and tell you how many bikes or locks were available (in order to return your bike).

Unfortunately its no longer on the App Store, but as it was our first app its still close to our hearts.

I’m just about ready to move to Oslo to be able to use @bysykkelapp
— Thomas Kalve (@tkalve)