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Brainfeed is an educational iPad app made for kids 7-years and older. Behind the scenes a team sifts through the massive amounts of video available on the web and curates the very best of educational video that is both age-appropriate and curriculum based.

The result is content that engages kids and is both animation rich and of visual high-quality. The best of the web, in a kid-friendly package.

We were responsible for developing the app as well as the Ruby-based backend system. Design was done by the wonderful Anne-Sophie Leens.

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 Featured Worldwide

The app has been featured by Apple in several countries including the UK (above) as well as reached:

  • #1 for Kids: Ages 9–11 in 64 countries

  • #1 for Kids in 23 countries

  • #1 for Education in 17 countries

  • #4 in the US in Kids: Ages 9-11

  • featured by Apple in the iTunes Education Spotlight

It’s like Pandora for knowledge.
— Todd T, University of Texas